STAA is a charity providing access to the arts to improve people's health and well being. Since 1996 we've been delivering positive arts experiences to enrich peoples' lives. We work with people of all ages from all walks of life and specialise in supporting carers, older people with mental health needs and people with dementia.

We deliver art projects to promote health improvements in participants: increasing people’s confidence and self esteem, improving mood and alleviating feelings of depression.

We are based in West Bromwich and work with people living in Sandwell and the West Midlands Region. We use professional artists to ensure the quality and excellence of our services.

We believe engaging in creative activities helps people to engage in the life of their communities through shared experiences and new learning. Opportunities for hobbies and recreation give people more choices about how to live their lives. They help to keep people physically and mentally well and foster a healthier, happier society.

STAA has a hand-to-mouth existence and has worked in this way for many years. We recognise that at times when funds are limited they need to be spent on the basics. Even so, it is vital to remember that for some people engaging in the arts makes life worth living.

News & Events

Have a Jack of Hearts for Valentines Day! His fancy middle is stylishly printed using rubber blocks by residents at Allerton Court and will be incorporated into their Alice in Wonderland display coming to Hydes Road in the spring...though we've still got some winter to get through first!

staa artwork

STAA's Short Creative Courses for Carers.
We are thrilled that this programme is continuing for its fourth year in 2017-18 thanks to  small grant from Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council. We've had a great  response from carers taking part. If you've always wanted to try something new now is your chance! STAA is offering carers living in Sandwell five sessions of arts activities to have a chance to start a new hobby or just to relax and de-stress. You can refer youself to STAA. Download a leaflet here.